BlackMarket Wave Brush

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  • ♥ GREAT CONTOUR DESIGN: Foot contour design is perfect for maximum contact to your hair and head. Ample size (4.8 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches) will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! Look fly with your perfect waves with your stylish brush. Perfect medium/ soft bristle stiffness… not too hard, not too soft. Coiler Wavy Brush Beauty Town International, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright / Patent
  • ♥ SAVE YOUR TIME: You will get great waves with less effort & see major progress in less time. Spend less time brushing & more time with your family while still seeing the progress you've been looking for in your waves. Aren't you glad you found a brush that will make waving easier?
  • ♥ AVOID MESSY-HAIR SYNDROME: Regular brushing keeps your waves free of crumbs and in shape, while exfoliating your scalp to remove any flakiness that plagues the unkempt wave. Our sturdy Comb to curve your hair for trimming to properly shape your 360 waves and fits in your pocket.
  • ♥ TOP QUALITY MATERIAL: Experience unmatched comfort with our reinforced pure black medium boar hair bristle and also prevent damage to your curvy and straight hair. Natural wood is sturdy but flexible enough that the bristles won't break during long usage.
  • ♥ EASY TO CLEAN: You can use your bathroom sink and faucet to clean it quick and easily. You don’t need any soap to clean your brush unless it is extremely dirty. The only materials you need are running water and a small tooth comb.